Monday, October 15, 2018

Sulawesi Scops Owl

Sulawesi Scops Owl - a nocturnal bird in Minahasa, photo by Charles Roring
Sulawesi Scops Owl
I did a short night birding in the forest of Minahasa a few hours ago. My main target was Sulawesi Scops Owl (Otus manadensis). It was around 18.00 local time when I heard the call of owl. So, I immitated it by making similar call. The bird was calling from the forest in a distance of approximately 50 meters away from me. I was standing at the side of a road. After replying its calls for around 15 minutes, I heard that the calls from the bird were getting closer. There was a small forest at the roadside. The bird was sitting on the lower branch of a tree around 5 meters above the ground.
So, I and my friend decided to walk closer to the source of the calls along the edge of a corn farmland. It took sometime for me and my friends to find the owl. My first attempt in taking picture of the bird was not so successful. The bird flew to another tree some ten meters away from me. Using flashlight, we searched the owl in teak-wood trees. Finally, we found the Sulawesi Scops Owl. He did not fly away. I managed to take a lot of pictures of the bird in various shooting modes of the D-SLR. I am happy now because it was a very successful hunting.
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