Magnificent Riflebird Dances Like a Cheerleader

If Western Parotia dances like a ballerina, the Magnificent Riflebird dances like a cheerleader.
Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus)
A Male Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus)
This bird can be seen in lowland, and lower montane forest of New Guinea. The recommended sites to watch this bird are Susnguakti forest of Manokwari, Klasow valley of Sorong regency; Sikor, Ases valley of Tambrauw mountains.
Magnificent Riflebird (Ptiloris magnificus)
Male Magnificent Riflebird was waiting for his female counterpart
I often organize birding tour in West Papua and this bird is included in the list of target birds to see. Other birds from lowland and lower montane forests that become the vocal points of the tour are Lesser Birds of Paradise, King Bird of Paradise, Yellow-capped Pygmy Parrot, Western-crowned Pigeon, Lowland Peltop and a lot more.

 Lesser Birds of Paradise
Lesser Birds of Paradise
Common Paradise Kingfisher
Common Paradise Kingfisher
King Bird of Paradise
King Bird of Paradise

In recent years, West Papua has become an important destination for international visitors because its rainforest is the natural habitat of birds of paradise and other tropical birds. Traveling birders fly from their countries to Jakarta and then to Manokwari city or Sorong city before they could continue their trip by cars into birding sites usually located deep in the forest. 
They bring camera with telephoto lens, binoculars, sound players and laser pointer which birders usually bring when they go birdwatching. Most often tourists have to stay in very basic guesthouses that are lack of comfortable beds, and clean toilets. However, because those are the only available accommodation in the forest, they have to adapt with such situation. Birding tourism bring economic benefits to local people who live in the forest where the visitors go. It helps local people earn money without destroying their forest.

Explore the Natural Beauty of West Papua

Papua Barat, also called West Papua, is a province of Indonesia. It attracts the attention of marine scientists because it has got the highest marine biodiversity in the world. Most of the land of West Papua is covered by tropical rainforest. Because I work as a tourist guide, I could explore a lot of places in this province appreciating its beautiful and pristine nature. 
Traveling to Indonesia adventure in Raja Ampat
Natural Beauty of West Papua

If you are interested in exploring the natural beauty of West Papua and want me as your guide, please, contact me by email to: or whatsapp: +6281332245180.

West Papua A Little Heaven on Earth

I made a collage of pictures about what I do to make a living yesterday. But I did not arrange pictures of me doing somehing. I only wanted to show to people the vocal points. I am a tourist guide. I organize tours in the forest for people to see birds. One of the birds that has become the main target of observation is Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor). So, I arrange the picture of this beautiful bird on top of the collage. While traveling in the forest with tourists, I see unique tropical plants. There are big trees, shrub plants, lianas, but there are also small plants. The next photograph that I put in the collage is a small plant - terrestrial orchid flower.
West Papua is a little heaven that has fallen on earth
Natural Attractions of West Papua's rainforest and coral reef
Besides guiding tourists in the forest, I also guide tourists swimming and snorkeling at sea. So, I put a picture of Blue Sea Star. Well, that's some of the attractions that I and my clients see when we explore the natural beauty of West Papua's rainforest and coral reef. It is really a little heaven that has fallen on earth.
Most tourists who want to spend their vacation in West Papua go to Raja Ampat. They need to take international flight from their country to Jakarta. After that, they need to continue their flight to Sorong city. Domestic airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya, Batik Air and Lion Air provide regular flight service to Sorong city. A lot of hotels can be found in the city including Swissbelhotel, Fave Hotel, Belagri, Kyriad M hotel and etc.
Visitors can take a rest in Sorong city for 1 night or continue their trip directly to Waisai town by fast passenger ferry. At port of Waisai, they can continue their trip to any beach resorts or homestay which they have booked in one of the many islands of Raja Ampat.
And that's where their adventure begins.

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Secluded Beach

Raja Ampat islands are famous for their beautiful sceneries both above and under the water. These tropical islands attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. Most of them travel to Raja Ampat to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or sunbathing at white sandy beaches. They stay in nice beach resorts, or homestays. But there are also people who are interested in exploring more remote islands whose beaches are secluded and whose coral reefs are in pristine conditions. The followings are some of them:
Isanak Beach - This beach is located in Waim - a small uninhabited island in the east of Raja Ampat.
Swimming, snorkelung and sunbathing in Raja Ampat
A Secluded Beach in Raja Ampat
An empty beach in an uninhabited island of Waim in Raja Ampat
Waim island
This tropical island is surrounded by coral reef. So, it is very nice to enjoy swimming and snorkeling at this beach.


Kofiau is the name of a group of islands in south-west region of Raja Ampat. Because of its remote location, very few tourists have visited it. To the west of Kofiau, there is another group of islands called Boo. It is surrounded by coral reef.
During diving season (October to June), some liveaboard ships go to Kofiau. There are tourists in the liveaboard ships who want to enjoy scubadiving in Kofiau. 
Coastal View of Deer village in Kofiau islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Deer village in Kofiau islands of Raja Ampat
People can visit these islands by taking sea tour by a motorized boat. Every week, there are passenger ferries that connect Kofiau and Sorong city. Travelers who want to visit Kofiau can go to Pelabuhan Rakyat or Pelabuhan Pelni to check for ships and their departure schedules to Kofiau.
There are some villages in Kofiau islands. Most of the islanders work as fishermen. However, they do not have modern cold storage that can preserve their daily catch before it can be shipped to Sorong city. As a result, they could only sell the fish, sea cucumber and other marine products as dry products. People in Kofiau and Kepulauan Sembilan collect coconut fruits and smoke their meat (kernels) and sell them as kopra. 
Birding, hiking, island hopping, sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling and fishing can be done in Kofiau. So, visitors are advised to bring all the necessary devices which they need during their trip around Kofiau.

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A Visit to North-east Coast of Waigeo Island
Kabui Bay of Raja Ampat

Coastal Birds in Raja Ampat

The tropical beaches of Waigeo are getting famous as tourist destination. Visitors travel from Europe, North America, Australia, and Asian countries to enjoy their holiday here in Waigeo island. There are beach resorts and homestays that visitors can choose to stay to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scubadiving, and sunbathing. 
Beach Kingfisher (Todiramphus saurophagus)
Beach Kingfisher
There are also tourists who travel to Raja Ampat to enjoy birding. There are a lot of coastal birds which they can watch. As a tourist guide, I have organized birding tours for visitors who want to see coastal birds such as Crested Tern, Willie Wagtail, Spice Imperial Pigeon, Beach Kingfisher, Lesser Frigatebird, Striated Heron, Eastern Reef Egret, Pacific Swallow, Torresian Crow, Radjah Shelduck, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Beach-stoned Curlew, Singing Starling, White-breasted Woodswallow, Wimbrel, Plover, Moustached Treeswift, Eastern Osprey, and etc.

Humpback Grouper

Humpback Grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) is a tropical reef fish whose economic value is very high. It is also called Kerapu Tikus (meaning Mouse Grouper) because the tapered form of its mouth looks similar to the mouth of a mouse. I used to see the fish several times when I enjoyed snorkeling or scuba diving in West Papua. The last time I saw the expensive fish when I was diving in Raja Ampat. I was in the waters of an uninhabited island at a depth of around 20 meters (65.6 feet). I saw the grouper was hiding under a big leaf coral. I did not want to disturb the fish so, I took picture from a distance of around 5 meters. Seafood Restaurants offer various kinds of menus whose main ingredient was the meat of the Kerapu Tikus.
High economic fish in coral reef of Indonesia
Polka Dot Grouper in Coral Reef of Raja Ampat
Because of its high economic values, aquaculture companies are trying to produce the fish in higher quantity through fish farming. Usually the seed stock is taken from coral reef.
In Raja Ampat the massive production of groupers has not been carried out by fishermen. Most of the fish that are supplied to local market is taken from the sea. So, the opportunity for investors to introduce aquaculture business in this region is very high.
Marine life in Raja Ampat - diving in an uninhabited island
Marine Life in Raja Ampat
Coral reef of Raja Ampat islands is the richest in the world in terms of marine biodiversity. Raja Ampat is a very important destination for marine tourism. However, its aquaculture business is still small. 
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