Surabaya the best green city in Indonesia

Surabaya, the capital city of East Java province, is the best green city in Indonesia. There are trees everywhere. They provide shades for pedestrians, cyclists and shop owners. They also change the landscape of the city from the "the forest of concrete buildings" to an "environmentaly friendly urban environment."
This urban forest absorbs CO2 gases that city dwellers emit every day from their motorized vehicles and household activities. They also lower the air temperature of Surabaya city. The trees also filter tiny particles or dust that are flying in the air making the atmosphere in Surabaya city cleaner, cooler and fresher.
 When I travel along the roads and alleyways of Surabaya, I always see green trees every where. 
Trees along the roadsides of Surabaya city
Green trees in Surabaya
Trees along the roadsides of Surabaya
Trees along the roadsides of Surabya
Under the leadership of mayor Ms. Tri Rismaharini (usually called Risma), Surabaya's road-sides and empty lands have been transformed into a huge urban forest and parks. As a result, Surabaya received Sustainable City, and Human Settlements Award for the category of Global Green City. Representing Surabaya, Risma received the award at the UN headquarters in New York, on 31 October 2017.
There are around 3 million people living inside the boundary Surabaya city. If the metropolitan area of the city is included in the counting, the population of Surabaya can reach more than 10 million people thus making it as the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta.  As a famous port city, Surabaya has got thousands of businesses from a small mom and pop store and food stall to a huge shopping mall.
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