Snorkeling is a water sport where we swim on the water, we see anything below the surface. We need to use snorkeling mask, snorkel and swim fins to enhance our snorkeling. Those who cannot swim can still enjoy snorkeling by wearing lifejacket. The most favorite type of snorkeling is coral reef snorkeling. Swimming over coral reef and seeing its plants and animals is fascinating activity. We can see marine plants and animals and try to identify them based on the field guide books of coral reef ecosystem that are available on the market. 
There are a lot of coral reef sites in the world but the ones that have the highest marine biodiversity can be seen in Indonesia. 
As a tourist guide, I often organize snorkeling tours for visitors who want to enjoy snorkeling in Raja Ampat, Tambrauw, Manokwari, and Wondama Bay. These are regencies in West Papua province of Indonesia. As a matter of fact, West Papua has got a lot of coral reef sites for anyone who likes snorkeling. I personally like snorkeling and freediving. Every time I go to the sea, I bring a digital camera to take pictures and videos of what I see underwater.
Here are some videos that I made from my previous snorkeling and freediving trip.

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