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Charles Roring, in the ocean adventure nautical t-shirt and black ring, is the author of naturelifewatch blog.
Charles Roring
Hi, my name is Leo Charles Roring. I write this Nature Life Watch blog to introduce the beauty of nature in places that I visit especially in Raja Ampat of West Papua, Maluku, Sulawesi and, Java. They are islands in eastern region of Indonesia.
I work as a tourist guide. If you are interested in traveling to Raja Ampat of Indonesia and want me to be your guide, feel free to contact me to:
E-mail: peace4wp@gmail.com
Whatsapp to: +6281332245180 or add me in facebook.
I love drawing and painting. My main media is graphite pencil, charcoal, colored pencil and watercolor. Most of my artworks are inspired from my trips in the tropical jungle and the magnificent underwater world of coral reef and tropical fish in West Papua. Sometimes, we spend several days staying in deep jungle to see wildlife and experience breathing fresh air or swimming in the cool water of a river. So, it is natural to see that I based most of artworks on nature.
I also make drawings of human figures, or landscapes. You could become my model for my next drawing if you passed by Sorong city or Manokwari city.

I work as tourist guide so, I often travel in open nature with tourists. We go trekking in the forest to see colorful birds, butterflies, and wild flowers. You could read my ecotourism activities at the following links too.


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