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A nature lover, that's who I am. I often go to forest and stay for several days enjoying camping,  hiking, and bird/ wildlife watching. I often go to remote islands to guide tourists on snorkeling/ freediving tours to various places in North Sulawesi, Maluku and in Raja Ampat islands, Klasow valley and Arfak mountains of Manokwari. I like freediving over coral reef as well as hiking in the forest.

And here is my e-mail: peace4wp@gmail.com. Cell Phone/ whatsapp:+6281332245180 (it is better to send text message).
Please, note that, I might not be able to answer your message immediately because I might be in an area where there is no cell phone or internet coverage.
My clients come from various background, from solo traveling tourist to older couples, some birders, groups of young men and women who want to swim, and enjoy snorkeling over prisitine coral reef or explore rainforest.

In stock, I like swing.
In music, I like the guitar.
In art, I draw.
In sport, I walk, jog and swim.
I was climbing the tree house of Koroway tribe

Adventure in Piaynemo islets of Raja Ampat

Trying to stop the clouds ;-) in Raja Ampat
Freediving in Manokwari
I was in a tree house of Koroway tribe in the jungle tens of meters above the ground.
My background was tree tops.

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