Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Butterfly Watching Tour in West Papua

West Papua province of Indonesia is a great destination for visitors who like watching butterflies. There are a lot of places which tourists can visit to see them. I have prepared an itinerary for visitors as described below:

birdwing butterfly Ornithoptera tithonus
Birdwing Butterfly in West Papua

Day 1 -2

Tour participants should organize their trip to Manokwari city. We will meet you at the airport and organize your trip to higher elevation forest of Arfak mountains. There, you will be able to watch such butterflies as Ornithoptera titonus, Ornithoptera paradisea, Taenaris schoenbergi kenricki, Neptis sp. and a lot more. 

Taenaris artemis

Day 3-4

We shall continue our trip by going down to lower montane forest to look for such butterflies as Cruiser butterfly, Silky Owl butterfly, Ulysses butterfly and etc.

Neptis praslini
Butterfly in Susnguakti forest of Manokwari

Day 5-6

Fly to Sorong and transfer to Waigeo island. We explore the forest edge to see its butterflies such as Idea Durvillei, Graphium Agramemnon and etc.

Day 7

Watching butterfly in Sorong

End of Tour

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