Monday, June 6, 2022

Aimas Town of Sorong Regency - A Recommended Destination for Culinary Tourism in West Papua

Aimas is the capital of Sorong regency. It is located around 30 minutes to the southeast direction from Sorong city. There are a lot of farmlands around Aimas. Farmers produce various kinds of food materials both to Sorong city and Aimas. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that there are a lot of eating houses in Aimas. Most of the menus that are offered to visitors are tasty Indonesian cuisines. There is grilled mujair fish that is offered with stir-fried kangkung, fresh basil vegetables and chilli sauce. There is also grilled chicken that is offered with sliced tomato, soy sauce, fresh basil leaves and chilli sauce. 
tasty foods and drinks in Sorong regency
Spicy Indonesian Cuisines in Aimas town of Sorong regency

Visitors can also try seafood in many eating houses around Aimas. Visitors who are interested in trying the delicious Indonesian cuisines in West Papua can go to Aimas town. 
There are hotels, lodges and homestays in Aimas town that provide affordable accommodation for anyone who wants to stay there for a few days while exploring the farmlands of Sorong regency.

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