Saturday, April 30, 2022

Coloured Pencil Drawing of Whaleshark and Dolphins

Here are some pictures of fish that I created using coloured pencils and vector drawing software - Inkscape. The first one is whaleshark and a swimmer, the second drawing was manta and the third one is dophin. The sea has always been my source of art inspiration. The following drawings are now available as frame art prints in redbubble. Readers can see more artworks at this shop: Art Drawing Inspired by the Sea.

swimming with whaleshark
Swimming with Whaleshark
manta fish from Raja Ampat
Coloured pencil drawing of manta and a swimmer 

coloured pencil drawing of dolphin fish
Dolphins at sea

I used to guide tourists on snorkeling and sightseeing tour in Raja Ampat islands. We used speedboats to remote places where the coral reefs are in pristine condition. Some times at the middle of the sea, we saw dophins swimming on the surfice. They could also be seen when we stood on a jetty of bungalow while looking at the beautiful blue sea. 

beautiful view of Kabui bay
An Australian visitor was taking pictures of the Kabui bay from a hill  in Waigeo island

In addition to the above drawings, I also drew various other fish both manually using watercolour pencils and digitally using Autodesk sketchbook application. They can be seen at the following slideshow:

There is a site near Arborek island where manta likes to gather. I and a number of visitors from Europe visited it early in the morning.  We swam on the surface while looking at the bottom of around  15 meters where mantas were swimming around. It was their cleaning station. 

I hope that these artworks can raise our awareness about the importance of preserving our beautiful environment. 

Please, have a look at my other artworks:

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