Saturday, February 19, 2022

Digital Art Inspired from Tropical Forest

I like to create art drawings that are inspired from plants and animals in tropical forest. I can use manual tools such as pencil and watercolor on paper or digital ones such as vector drawing software - Freehand and Inkscape - in a deskstop computer. 

Today, my favorite tools are Baseus Stylus and Android Phone which I use with Autodesk Sketchbook drawing application. 

Birds, flowers and butterflies that I see while trekking in the forest have become the main subjects of my drawing projects. For instance, the Red Bird of Paradise (locally called Cendrawasih Merah) below was created after I guided some visitors on a 2-week adventure tour in Waigeo island, Sorong regency and Arfak mountains. I saw the bird in Raja Ampat.

Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rubra)

I also created several other versions of the Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rubra) using Android based drawing application.

gambar Cendrawasih Merah Raja Ampat
A male Red Bird of Paradise

Gambar sepasang Cendrawasih Merah
A Couple of Red Bird of Paradise

Birds of paradise as well as other tropical birds of West Papua can be watched in several birding sites such as Waigeo island, lowland forest of Sorong regency, Arfak mountains, Manokwari and Teluk Wondama regency. Birdwatching tourism attracts hundreds of visitors to West Papua province of Indonesia every year. This helps local villagers generate income while preserving their tropical forest. 

Villagers work as porters who carry bags of visitors, cooks, and wildlife watching guides in the forest. When they can earn some money from tours in the forest, they will see positive benefits of the preservation of the environment. 

Here is the pictures of typical forest tours that I run in West Papua. 

hiking and wildlife watching in Indonesia
Rainforest tour in West Papua province of Indonesia

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