Saturday, April 24, 2021

Raja Ampat Karst

Raja Ampat is a very beautiful destination for tourists who like sightseeing because it has got a lot of karst formations. There are a number of karst formations in this archipelago that attract visitors. The famous ones are Wayag in Northwest of Waigeo and Piaynemo in the southwest of Arborek island.
Fish lagoon
Fish Lagoon in Eastern Shore of Waigeo
As a matter of fact there are still karst formations that tourists can see when visiting Raja Ampat. There are karst in the passage area between Waigeo and Gam, as well as Wawiayai, karst in Kabui bay. In the eastern shore of Waigeo island, there is Insou Duwer (also called Fish Lagoon) karst. It is located near Yen-Papir village. If visitors explore karst in Misool island, they will be able to see more formations. Yapap and Harfat Peak are now visited by tourists. But there are more that haven't been surveyed for their beautiful view.
Batanta has got a lot of karst formations that have not been explored for their landscape views.
traveling to Indonesia
Silhouette of Misool Karst during sunrise time

Wawiyai viewpoint in Kabui bay
Wawiyai Karst
As a tourist guide, I organize tour for visitors who are interested in seeing karsts of Raja Ampat. However, I like to combine other activities in the tour including swimming and snorkeling as well as rainforest hiking and birdwatching tour. By doing so, visitors will be able to see more of Raja Ampat, not only its wonderful landscape but also its flora and fauna, its people and their culture.
tourism attraction in Raja Ampat
Piaynemo Karst
There are several two species of paradise birds in Waigeo, i.e. Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson Bird of Paradise. Visitors who want to take the burdwatching tour need to bring at least a pair of binoculars, and camera with superzoom lens such as Nikon P1000, Canon SX60HS or D-SLR Camera with 600 mm lens.
Please, contact me (Charles Roring) by whatsapp: +6281332245180 or email: if you want to take a tour in Raja Ampat.

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