Monday, March 22, 2021

Working in Outdoor Environment

I work as a tourist guide escorting or accompanying visitors in outdoor environment. Most of my activities are related to hiking in the forest for wildlife watching, birdwatching; or swimming and snorkeling over coral reef to see colorful tropical marine plants and animals in the sea. 

birdwatching in the forest
I was watching birds with some British tourists

My job is fun. I can see beautiful tropical birds, flowers, butterflies, and breathe fresh air. Walking in outdoor environment, I consider it as a physical exercise and that at the same time as a way to refresh my mind and emotional well being. 

Living in the city, we are often trapped in uncomfortable environment such as traffic jam, noisy sounds of machine tools from construction sites, cars, and engines in factories. We are also exposed to air pollution. 

Going to natural places such as to the beach, to the mountains, lakes and forest is one of the ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

But sometimes it turns out to be a challenging profession if the terrains are more difficult or the weather is bad. For instance, if I guide tourists inside the lowland and montane forest, I and my guests have to deal with a lot of mosquitoes, and other tiny insects that like to bite our skins. Applying anti insect lotion may be a good solution.

I always try to see things from several different perspectives. For instance, if I experience bad weather in the forest, I don't complain. Heavy rain may not be good for me and my clients who are doing birdwatching along the edge of a forest. But it is the nature's way to water plants and provide water to animals and human being. Rain takes down all dust, and every tiny and toxic particles from our atmosphere. Rain cleans the air. With the clear weather, airplanes can travel safely again to their destinations.

My job as a tourist guide in outdoor environment, allows me to understand nature and give more appreciation to its unique functions in our life. This is written by Charles Roring.

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