Thursday, March 25, 2021

Walking Meditation

Is it possible to do meditation while walking? Yes, it is. I regularly do it several times a week around a track and field some 250 meters from my house. It is a beautiful place for doing walking meditation because it is located near rainforest that constantly supplies fresh air to anyone living near it. I walk from around 15:00 to 16:00. People begin arriving at the field at 15:45. So, there are fewer people in the track and field during the time. When I do walking meditation, I contemplate about my life, what plan to do or what mistakes I have done. All these things are reviewed during the walking meditation. While I meditate about my personal life, I stay connected with my surrounding environment. 

riverwalk tour in Manokwari
Walking Along the Sides of a River

I guide tourists to various places in West Papua. Sometimes, when I travel to the mountains, to the islands or coastal areas, I can have time to do the walking meditation. In this environment, I feel very close to nature. My favorite place for doing walking meditation is along the sides of a river or a long a beach. I can hear the sounds of birds, and water that flows in the river. 

Tourists whom I guide like this riverwalk tour very much. There are various kinds of flower plants that we can see during the trip. Insects such as dragonfly, butterflies, beetles, cicadas, water insects also present in the river environment. 

riverwalk tour in Tambrauw mountains with American and European tourists
Riverwalk Tour in West Papua

The benefits of walking meditation are not only on creating healthy body, a feeling of relax in my mind buy also helping me to generate new ideas for articles that I will write in this blog. 

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