Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Sounds of Nature

When we go to the beach, we can hear the sounds of waves, and feel the breeze on our skin, hair and ears. The wind that passes through trees can push branches and leaves to move and generate sounds. 

The sounds of nature can also be heard when we are in the forest. The water stream that flows through the stones can generate sounds. In the mornings and in the afternoons, birds play and sing. 

These sounds of nature are not melodic like man made music that uses modern electronic keyboard, and electric guitar but they can remind us about the importance of connecting our spiritual and physical body with nature.

The sounds of nature such as the eruption of a volcano, the  crashing thunder can be scary too but they teach us about how powerful our nature can be. 

We may feel refreshed in our mind and body when we go to the beach, the forest or other natural places. People who do meditation can get inner peace if they sometimes do it in open nature. So, the beauty of nature can be considered as medicine for our spiritual well being.

In the above video, we can see waves from the sea that reach the beach. These waves are generated by wind and sea tide. Wind itself is caused by the differences in air pressure. These differences are caused by differences in temperature. And most of the temperatures on the surface of the sea are influenced by the sun. 

The sea tide itself is not independent. It is influenced by the gravity of moon. 

So, everything in this universe is inter-connected. Understanding and appreciating this interconnection of the universe will allow us to have more balanced life. Having a balanced life is good for our health. In eastern or Chinese philosophy, there is a term called yin and yang. Well, I may discuss more about it in my later post. 

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