Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Sunbathing on Track and Field

I do walking exercise several times a week. There is a football field around 250 meters from my house. It is located behind an army base. This track and field is near rainforest providing a calm environment for anyone who wants to enjoy exercise and see the green scenery of the surrounding. 

I start my walking exercise in the afternoon at 15:00. It is usually sunny. The temperature is hot even for people who live in this tropical environment. For me, I like doing walking exercise from 15:00 to 16:00 because there are fewer people in the track and field. I could enjoy walking, sunbathing and breathing fresh air that is produced by the nearby rainforest.

Sunbathing while doing exercise is actually good for our health. Our body releases sweat that protects our skin from harmful light. So, I don't apply sunblock lotion while doing walking exercise. 

Because the football field is close to rainforest, we often can see butterflies flying across the field or hear the calls of birds.

football field in Manokwari
Track and Field near rainforest

Every time I go there to do my walking exercise, I see other people who also do athletics. Athletes and ordinary people are mixed in the field. They play football, volleyball, long jump. Most of them like jogging. Local athletes do their exercises in this field as their preparation for their participation in national and international sports competition. 

local people and athletes exercise in track and field of Manokwari city in Indonesia
People were enjoying sports

The football field and its surrounding track belongs to the army but they provide them for the public to use. There is a shooting field next to the track and field. The shooting field has got a hall with high concrete walls protect the shooting area from outsiders. Sometimes soldiers do their shooting exercise there. We can hear the loud explosions of assault rifles and pistols during the exercise.  It is safe for people to do their athletic exercises while the soldiers do their shooting exercises.

Most people who like sunbathing usually do it at the beach. The beach environment provides a relaxed atmosphere for them.

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