Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sound of Waves

It has been full moon since last night. This afternoon, I am at the beach enjoying the scenery of the sea. The waves are bigger than usual. 

They are generated by the gravity of the moon. When full moon comes, the high and low tides differences are bigger. Although the waves are big, I enjoy the scenery and the sound of waves landing on the beach. It is good to be closer to nature.

Waves play important role in coastal environment. They clean coral reef from dirt and wastes. Broken corals that are washed to the beach are ground or broken to fine sand by the waves. 

Today, experts in renewable energy harness wave energy to generate electricity. 

Waves also attract surfers. Who enjoy wave surfing which is a kind of tourism activity and a sport.

Meditation with Waves

I like doing meditation with waves. Because sea tides are influenced by the moon and wind which are cool, they carry the energy of the moon or "Yin energy." I stand at the water edge waiting for a wave to land on the sand. When it lands and hits my feet, I will take deep breath absorbing the Yin. When the sea water retreats to the sea, I release my breath again. Meditating with waves makes me feel more relaxed. I am able to control my emotion well. 

Wave Season

In the region where I live, wave season starts in late November and finishes in March or maybe a little bit later. It curbs the activity of fishermen at sea. So, actually wave season allows marine environment to recover and rejuvenate itself. Waves often bring jellyfish closer to the beach significantly reducing activity of human in coral reef. However, waves that are too big can cause damages to coral reef. Waves can also uproot sargassum sea algae and wash then ashore. In other words, waves control the population of the sea algae so that it will not become the dominant sea vegetation in certain sea area. 

As we understand more about the roles of sea waves in our environment, we will give more appreciation to their roaring sounds while we stand at the beach admiring their power. 

This is written by Charles Roring

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