Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Showering in the Rain

This afternoon I walked out of my house to enjoy showering in the rain. The water that fell from the sky landed on my head and body. But I did not go out directly when it started to rain. I waited for around 15 minutes for the rain to clean the atmosphere from smog, and tiny toxic particles that were flying in the air. When all the airborn particles had been taken down by the rainwater, I went out to enjoy bathing in the rain. 

It is not something that I enjoy doing every time the rain comes. I did it some times when I was a kid. Showering in the rain is a nice experience. I cannot explain the health benefits of rain water to my body. One thing that I know is that when I enjoy showering in the rain, I do something different from my daily routine. I don't do it every day. 

It is one of the many ways to relieve stress. Doing recreational activities such as going to the beach, trekking in the mountains or enjoy swimming in a lake are ways to relieve stress. But showering in the rain is one of the cheapest ways to do it. 

How rain is formed

Rain actually is the precipitation of atmospheric water. During the day, light from the sun hit the surface of the sea, lakes, ponds, plants and everything on Earth that has water. The energy from the sun turn the water into gas. Water evaporates. Because water vapor is gas, it is light. It goes up to the sky or atmosphere. 

As it goes higher, it reaches an elevation where the temperature is low. There the vapor turns into tiny water droplets. This process is called condensation. The tiny droplets gather to form clouds. From time to time they become heavy and cannot stay any longer in the sky. 

Pulled by the gravity of the Earth, the water droplets later fall again to the earth in the form of rain, drizzle, snow or hail. 

Rain water is very important for our environment. It resupply water to plants and animals both in the forest, in the lakes and rivers, in the farmlands. Rainwater cleans rivers. It cleans our atmosphere by taking down dust, smog, and any dirt from the atmosphere creating cleaner air that is vital for any living things. Cleaner air is needed by airplanes to travel to any directions, it also ensure better communication. Usually after heavy rain in a big city, the air is cleaner again. 

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