Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dancing in The Air - A Ballet Performance

Yesterday (19 January 2021), I created a digital drawing entitled Dancing in the Air. It depicts a ballerina jumping in the air while performing her ballet dance. Actually, I already created a sketch of the dancer years ago using conventional ary tool, i.e. watercolour pencils on paper. With the availability of modern art tool such as Autodesk Sketchbook in Android Smartphone, I can now produce artworks where ever I go without having to bring art supplies in my bag. 

dancing in the air a ballet performance of a ballet dancer
Dancing in the Air

Although strong and bright colours can be created using digital drawing software, I still like the manual drawing. So, I try to spend more time in creating sketches and colorful drawing in my books. Those sketches and drawings will later be used for creating digital artworks. "Why going digital?" You may ask. Well, digital illustration has got transparent background. So, it can be printed on mugs, t-shirt, cell phone cases, spiral notebook and a lot more. I have got tens of artworks that are now available in my reedbubble online shop. Please, visit: Charles Roring's Art Shop and if you are interested, you could order some of them. 

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