Monday, January 4, 2021

Art Drawing of Birds

I like drawing animals, flowers and sometimes human figures. I do it both manually using pencil, watercolour on paper, and digitally using cellphone/ or tablet with stylus. The following picture is a collage of birds that I drew. These drawings are now available redbubble shop. It is a marketplace platform that is created for artists who want to sell their artworks.

drawings of birds of paradise in watercolour painting and colored pencil drawings
Art Drawing of Birds made by Charles Roring

If you are interested in ordering some of them to support my works of presenting the beauty of nature to the world, please, visit the shop and have a look at them

The artworks are available as prints on t-shirts, skirts, mugs, cell phone case and a lot of other attractive products. Please, visit my shop here: Tropical Birds from West Papua.

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