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Arfak Mountains

This is the view of Arfak mountains taken from Rendani airport of Manokwari city. The mountains have been an important destination for visitors who like to see rainforest with its unique tropical plants and animals.  Rendani airport with the view of Arfak mountains There are hundreds of species of tropical birds, insects, mammals, reptiles that live in the forest of Arfak. The mountain range itself is home to a lot villages of the indigenous people. They gather food from forest but also work as traditional farmers.  Lesser Birds of Paradise in Susnguakti forest There is a forest in lower montane region of Arfak. Its name is Susnguakti. It is the habitat of some species of paradise birds including Lesser Birds of Paradise ( Paradisaea minor ), Magnificent Riflebird ( Ptiloris magnificus ), and King Bird of Paradise ( Cicinnurus magnificus ). There are also a lot of other birds such as Brown Cuckoo Dove, Superb Fruit Dove, Pink-spotted Fruit Dove, Red-bellied Pitta, Hooded Pitta, Fril

Coral Reef in the Waters of Manokwari

Manokwari is the capital of Papua Barat province in Indonesia. It is a coastal city in West Papua. Because it is located near the equator, its beaches have got coral reef. I like swimming and snorkeling over this coral reef and take pictures of the marine life that can be seen there. Coral Reef in the waters of Manokwari The ones that are far from the city are in very good condition teeming with fish, clams, and other marine animals. I usually do some freediving to a depth of 2 to 10 meters to take pictures of them. At these depths, sunlight can still reach the surface of the coral reef.  Reef fish at Bakaro Beach of Manokwari I use Nikon AW300 and Fujifilm XQ2 with its watercase to take underwater pictures and videos of the marine life. They are good enough for fish and reef identification works.  Because I am a tourist guide, I like to organize tours for visitors who like snorkeling. But it is not limited to Manokwari city and its surroundings. I also go to Tambrauw mountains, Soro

Queen of the Night Flowers

I have just watched the blooming of Queen of the Night. These are beautiful flowers that bloom at night. The fragrant scent is similar to jasmine but mild.  Queen of the Night Flower I have seen a lot of flowers in tropical islands of Indonesia from the Queen of the Orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum) to various kinds of hibiscus as well as Rhododendron.  Queen of the Night Flowers (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) For me, Queen of the Night or Bunga Wijaya Kusuma (its name in Indonesia) is a special flower. I am lucky to see them blooming. Because the flowers emit fragrant scent, it has got the potential to be developed as essential oil. So, I do some searches on the internet about essential oil of the Queen of the Night. The result from Google searches show some companies that sell queen of the night. The scent of the oil can create a relaxing atmosphere to those who use it. 

Birding Vacation to North Sulawesi

I offer birding vacation tour to North Sulawesi for visitors who like to watch tropical birds of Celebes island. This easy birwatching tour will include trip to a waterfall at the suburban area if the city, a trip to Doloduo for watching birds in Tambun Maleo Conservation area. Tangkoko Nature, Mount Mahawu and Sonder will also be visited.  Sulawesi Hornbill During the tour, participant will watch Pale Blue Monarch, Sulawesi Hanging Parrot, Red-backed Thrush, Sulawesi Malkoha, Green-backed Kingfisher, Gross-beak Myna, Sahul Sunbird, Sooty-headed Bulbul, Ashy Woodpecker, Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpecker, Knobbed Hornbill, Sulawesi Hornbill, and a lot more. Red-backed Thrush After the birding tour to North Sulawesi, the trip can be extended to Raja Ampat islabds in West Papua for visitors to watch Red Bird of Paradise, Wilson's Bird of Paradise as well as other interesting avifauna of mainland New Guinea. For more info about the itinerary and cost, please, contact me by email to: peace4wp@g

Hydrogen Society

The world is in a major move to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel. Hydrogen is considered as the fuel of the future. This gas in its liquid form can be stored and used to power factories, cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, and even aerospace rockets . Countries like Japan, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, South Korea, China, Australia, the USA and Russia, and a lot more are doing extensive research in finding the cheapest and safest way to produce and to store hydrogen.  Green hydrogen that is produced using renewable energies (i.e. solar, hydro, and wind power) are considered as the most suitable solution for an environmentally friendly society. But its cost is very high. Large scale offshore wind farms combined with other renewable energy resources through efficient electrolysis can lower the cost of hydrogen production. Still this process is considered more expensive than fossil fuel. A Canadian company called Proton Technologies patented a new technique of producing hydrogen

Birding at Sea and at the Beach of Raja Ampat Islands

Before the Covid-19 pandemic reached Indonesia, I often traveled to Raja Ampat islands to guide visitors. We spent between 3 to 5 days exploring the rainforest, the beach, and the islets to watch beautiful tropical birds such as Red Bird of Paradise, Wilson's Bird of Paradise, Common Paradise Kingfisher, Beach Kingfisher, Red-cheeked Parrot, Eclectus Parrot, Palm Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Hooded Butcherbird, Spangled Drongo, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Pied Imperial Pigeon, and a lot more. These birds live in rainforest along the coastal and hill areas of Waigeo island.  Wilson's Bird of Paradise (Diphyllodes respublica) Because Wilson's Bird of Paradise can only be found in deeper forest, we need to leave homestay early in the morning and did long morning walk to its display ground. My favorite site for watching this paradise bird was Zedekiah's forest located at the entrance area of Kabui bay. There is a very narrow beach where speed boat can land for tourists to

Magnificent Riflebird Calling His Mating Partner

I have just uploaded a video of a male Magnificent Riflebird calling her female partner. I saw him in Malagufuk forest of Klasow valley. It was a lowland tropical jungle of Sorong regency.  This bird is one of the 42 species of Birds of Paradise known to science. It can be found in lowland and hill forest of New Guinea. The bird has got iridescent blue breast mostly black feather. The bird dances on a branch of a tree or vine to attract her female partner for mating.  In addition to the Magnificent Riflebird, visitors who go to West Papua can also watch a lot of other birds including Lesser Birds of Paradise, King Bird of Paradise, Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise, Magnificent Bird of Paradise, Western Parotia, Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson's Bird of Paradise. To watch them visitors need binoculars, birding camera and a field guide book: Birds of New Guinea: including Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville by Phil Gregory or another similar title Birds of New Guinea by Tha