Thursday, July 2, 2020

Watercolor Painting of Snake

  • Snake is often seen as a dangerous animal. This reptile is often seen in various artworks. The most popular snake in art world is dragon. Unfortunately, I have never seen it in real life. So, I prefer to make a painting of snake that is more realistic. The following picture is my painting of green snake that was portrayed at night among the leaves of a tree. Instead of sketching directly from nature, I used a photograph from the internet. The result is more dramatic than the photograph. Actually, the snake is quite small compared to the leaves but when it was drawn on a large paper it looks big.

I needed 2 days to complete the painting. The most important thing that I have to consider when drawing the sketch of the plant and the snake is trying to position the subjects in a balanced position. Finally, the result is an artwork that is not perfectly diagonal to the paper. It looks diagonal but the stalk of plant is positioned a little bit to the middle of the drawing area. by Charles Roring

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