Friday, July 10, 2020

Watercolor Painting of Dolphins

I created this watercolor painting of Dolphins when I was still living in Malang city. Now I live in Manokwari city in the eastern region of Indonesia. So, I am closer to nature here. Every time I travel to Numfor island by ferry, I always see dolphins coming out of the blue sea water. It's an amazing experience for me. I can feel the emotion and the energy that flow inside my body and mind while watching the dolphins at sea. This artwork is now in the Netherlands. A woman named Grietje owns it. I have seen dolphins many times since I was a university student. I work as a freelance tourist guide. I accompany visitors to Numfor island in Geelvink bay where we can enjoy snorkeling over pristine coral reef. I also enjoy hiking in the jungle. That's why most of my artworks are related to wildlife.
Colored pencil drawing of The Sea
My watercolor painting of Two Dolphins Swimming in the Middle of the Sea
I have uploaded the digitized version of the painting into my zazzle store. You can order the canvas print version of the painting on the link below the following picture:

This artwork was created using watercolour pencils. The quality of a drawing or painting is not only determined by the experience of the artist but also the quality of the materials. High quality paper will help an artist to make detailed strokes on his or her artwork. So, when you are interested in creating a watercolor artwork, don't forget to choose fine quality paper such as the cold press paper manufactured by Canson, and watercolors (my recommendation will be Derwent 72 Watercolor Pencil Metal Tin Set. Happy sketching and painting. This was written by Charles Roring

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