Thursday, July 16, 2020

Pig The Main Livestock in Sonder

Pig livestock in District Sonder of Minahasa North Sulawesi
Pigs in District Sonder of Minahasa Regency
Fig farming in Minahasa
Mother Pig was feeding a piglet
Besides growing clove, fruits, and vegetables, the villagers raise pigs in the pigpens at back of their houses. Pigs eat food leftovers from households, edible tubers and coconuts. Sometimes, farmers give them special processed food for pigs bought in livestock shops. This business can be considered as savings for the household which gives them additional income when the price of agricultural commodities is low.
Usually, when the sow is in labor delivering the new born piglets, the owner will suck the piglet's nose to take out mucus which blocks its respiratory system. Doing this, the farmer can reduce the mortality rate of newborn piglets. It takes five to six months before the pigs can be harvested.Usually farmers don't slaughter the pigs. When they want to kill a pig, they will use a small sharp spear and stab it into its heart. When it has died they will pour hot water on its whole body and begin shaving its hair. After cleaning the skin, they will cut and weigh the pork into pieces. Today, instead of pouring water all over the pig's skin, they use a special burning device to burn the pig's hair. It is faster than shaving.
Most of Minahasan restaurants offer pork contained food in their menu lists such as sate babi, tinoransak, babi putar and babi kecap, and etc. Minahasan eat pork, for they are Christians. The consumption of pork is higher during Christmas season.

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