Monday, June 22, 2020

White-headed Shelduck

Last month I guided 4 Czech tourist on a snorkeling and sightseeing tour in Raja Ampat. We visited numerous islands including Mansuar, Kri, Kabui bay and Fam islands. We saw a lot of frigate birds, shearwater and tern.
White-headed Shelduck in Raja Ampat
In our final day in Kri island, I saw a couple of big white ducks walking at the beach. It was close enough to me. So, I aimed my camera and shot them. At that time I did not know what species they were. When I returned home I opened my fieldguide book and was able to identify the birds. They were White-headed Shelduck (Tadorna radjah).
Raja Ampat regency is also the natural habitat of Red and Wilson's birds of paradise particularly in Waigeo and Gam islands.
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