Monday, June 22, 2020

Watercolor Painting of male Lesser Birds of Paradise

As a tourist guide, I often organize birdwatching tour to the forest of Klasow valley in Sorong regency - West Papua province of Indonesia for birdwatchers who want to see birds of paradise and other tropical birds. If you are interested in taking a hiking and birding tour, please, contact me by email to:
Here is the watercolor painting male Lesser Birds of Paradise which I have drawn and painted since three days ago. First, I created its sketch after studying the anatomy of the birds based on some photographs, drawings and videos. I also have seen the bird a lot of times when I guide birdwatchers in Arfak mountains of Manokwari, Klasow valley of Sorong regency and in Tambrauw mountains.
Colored pencil drawing of Lesser Birds of Paradise
Male Lesser Birds of Paradise
After making the sketch, I added colors on to it using Derwent watercolourpencils. For his yellow head and neck, I used Deep Cadmium 6. For his dark brown chest, stomach and tail, I washed it with Burnt Yellow Ochre 60 in combination with Sepia 53 for the feather lines. I gave Kingfisher Blue 38 for the bill and Mineral Green 45 for the his throat.
The branch of a tree where the paradise bird was perching consisted of 2 main colors, i.e. Emeral Green 46 for the leaves and Bottle Green 43 for their lines. The wooden branch was colored with Burnt Yellow Ochre 60 and Copper Beech 61 for the bark lines. The legs of the bird were colored with Kingfisher Blue 38.
Because I used the picture for my Tropical Art Shop in Zazzle, I had to import the artwork into Adobe Photoshop and removed its background. So, it can be printed on a lot of products such as t-shirts, mugs, and towel.
I hope that all of you like this watercolor painting and are interested in ordering some products in my Redbubble Paradise Bird artworks too. Just click the drawing above to see my portfolios.

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