Monday, June 22, 2020

Verandah of Balinese House

I used to stay for several months in Bali several years ago. I was in Ubud and liked the town very much. It was an opportunity for me to see Balinese art and culture. I spent most of my time visiting traditional handicraft, art museums and painting galleries.
It was easy to find art supplies store in Ubud. So, I decided to buy an A4 size sketchbook and began drawing the veranda of the house where I stayed. Balinese houses were unique compared. They had carvings on the wooden pillars that support the ceiling and roof of the house. The walls of the house consisted of concrete materials and red bricks with some relief and carvings.
One thing that I like the most about Balinese house is that it is surrounded by green trees. This is a good concept of eco-living.
The Veranda of a Balinese House in Ubud
I could understand that Balinese life cannot be separated from art. Art has been an integral part of their cultural and religious activities. It is not surprising if we see that millions of tourists visit Bali every year.

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