Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Trekking and Camping in the Rainforest of Syuan River

Camping and riverwalk in Tambrauw mountains
Camping in the jungle of Tambrauw regency - photo by Charles Roring
I have just finished a rainforest tour today. I guided 4 visitors from the USA, and Hongkong. We went to Tambrauw regency where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights trekking and camping on the sides of Syuan river. We went there by a 4WD car and stayed in outdoor environment using tents as our "hotel." We enjoyed birdwatching, and swimming. We had plenty of time swimming in the river whose water is cool and fresh. There were fish, and shrimp in the river. The indigenous people used traditional fishing tools to catch them. The Papuan people were expert in hunting. One of our workers was able to catch a bandicoot just like a cat punches on a mouse. Bandicoot, cuscus possum, deer, wild pig, and snake were the source of protein of the indigenous people who live in Tambrauw mountains.
Trekking and riverwalk tour in Indonesia
Tropical rainforest of Tambrauw regency in West Papua
In the mornings, when the weather was bright, a lot of butterflies flew in the air to find flowers that were blooming from numerous trees around us. There were some whose sizes were larger than the average butterfly. They were called birdwing butterflies.
While we were walking along the trails of the riverside, we saw cockatoo, kingfisher, egret, blyth's hornbill and many other birds which we could not identify.
Under the trees, the temperature was cool.
We hired local villagers to cook our food and carry our bags and other logistical goods. My concept in ecotourism was preserving the rainforest environment by empowering local villagers. When the indigenous people got economic benefits from eco-tourism, they would seriously support the preservation of the forest and protect the wildlife. 
Trekking with tourists from Hongkong and the United States
Trekking in the jungle of West Papua
Because most of the visitors were from the United States, I extended the trip to Werur village where they were able to see Amsterdam island and Middlelburg island. These two islands, with Werur (or Mar) and Sausapor, became the base for US forces when they were fighting Japanese forces during World War II.
I introduced eco-tourism in this regency this year. Some foreign tourists have visited Tambrauw regency to explore the beauty of its forest.
The temperature in the forest is cool with abundant water. Visitors can enjoy swimming or just reading their favorite books at the bank of the river while listening to the music of nature (sounds of bids, the swaying of tree branches blown by the wind and water flowing in the river).
Black-capped Lory
Female Eclectus Parrot in the forest of Tambrauw mountains
The tropical rainforest along the sides of Syuan river is the natural habitat of various species of wild animals wild pig; deer; wallaby; bandicoot; and a lot of species of birds including cassowary bird, lesser birds of paradise, eclectus parrot, goliath cockatoo, sulphur crested cockatoo, grey crow (Corvus tristis), Papuan frogmouth, egrets, egrets, blyth's hornbill, brahminy kite. I also used to see a Ribbon-tailed Astrapia (Astrapia mayeri) flying over my head when I was swimming in Syuan river. I was a very rare sighting.
If you are interested in taking a rainforest trekking and camping tour in Tambrauw regency, please, book the trip by contacting me (Charles Roring) at this email: peace4wp@gmail.com

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