Sunday, June 21, 2020

Traveling by ship along the coast of Tambrauw regency

I have just completed a boat trip along the north coast of West Papua. I guided five visitors from the Netherlands. We left Manokwari city by PELNI ship KM Kasuari Pasifik 3 for Sausapor town (the temporary capital of Tambrauw regency). The ship stopped in the waters of such villages as Saukorem, Imbuan, Waibem, Wau, Warmandi, Saubeba, Kwor, Opmare, Werur and finally arrived in Sausapor. That's our destination. But the ship continued its voyage to Sorong. 
Adventure tour to West Papua of Indonesia
Traveling by Ship along Tambrauw coast
We stayed for 2 days in Sausapor and explored the natural beauty of the little town. We enjoyed snorkeling over its beautiful coral reef and spent one night at the beach in search of turtles. Unfortunately, no turtles landed that night. However, we saw green frog, a large beach crab and snake. At the end of our adventure in Sausapor, we continued our trip to Sorong city by KM Sunlia. KM stands for Kapal Motor meaning Motor Vessel. 

Exploring the natural beauty of Tambrauw coast
Villagers were waiting for boats to load their produce
to ship
KM Kasuari Pasifik 3 carries cargo and passengers. Its price is 50,000 rupiahs (approximately 4 Euros) per person. Because the ticket price is so cheap, tourists can use their extra money to buy fruits, food, and souvenirs from local Papuan people. This is important for the economic livelihood of the villagers who live along the coastal area of Tambrauw regency.
It stops for 2 to 3 hours in the waters of every village that I mentioned above. During the stop period, visitors can go to the village to enjoy fishing, swimming, snorkeling or have walking tour around every village. Visitors will also meet Papuan people in their daily life, before returning to the ship for their next adventure.
KM Kasuari Pasifik 3 sails between Manokwari and Sorong four times a month. It usually carries 100 passengers. Every passenger gets his or her own bed. During school holiday seasons and Christmas time, it can carry up to 200 people or even more. Visitors, upon an advanced arrangement by a tourist guide, can rent rooms in the ship that are used by ship crews. The price is 700,000 rupiahs per room for the whole trip. It can accommodate between 2 to 4 people depending on the number of bags that they carry. 
The ship plays vital role in supporting the economy of the villagers. It carries agricultural produce such as banana, coconut, and cocoa beans. Villagers also carry deer, goat, pigs, dogs, and other animals which they want to sell in Sorong or Manokwari.
If you are interested in traveling along the coast of Tambrauw regency by the ship and need me to be your private guide, please, contact me by email to:

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