Saturday, June 20, 2020

Seashells Drawing

There is one drawing that I haven't uploaded into this blog. It is mu old drawing of seashells. I got the sea shells from a beach outside my town. I drew it first using standard 2B Staedler pencil and then darkened some of its lines using ink pen. Seashells are the houses of invertebrate marine animals called molluscs.
There are a lot of kinds of seashells with a large varieties of color combination. We could see them if we walk along a tropical white sandy beach.
Some species of the molluscs are edible. There are also seashells that are cultivated for pearl production.
 Seashell Art Drawing

This seashell drawing is now available as printed products in Redbubble, you could buy pillow, cell phone cases, bags, studio pouch that have got prints of these seashells. To buy them, just click the above picture.

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