Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Rainforest Tour in Tambrauw Mountains

Rainforest tour in Indonesia
Rainforest of Tambrauw regency along both sides of Cuan river
The mountain range of Tambrauw is the natural habitat of a lot of species of animals and plants. Last month, I guided a tourist from Luxembourg on a 5-day/ 4-night trekking, camping and birding tour in the jungle of Cuan river. We saw sulphur crested cockatoo, friar bird, cuscus possum, birdwing butterflies, deers, wild pigs, cassowary birds, and colorful beetles. 
The easiest way to explore the jungle was by walking along the sides of the river. We built tents at the bank of Cuan river, and enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding nature. At night the sounds of insect were mixed with the sound of flowing water in the river. It was so natural and refreshing. The next morning we dismantled our tents and walked up against the stream. Sometimes we had to cross the river to make shortcuts. 
Discovering the unique biodiversity of rainforest
Birdwatching, hiking and camping in West Papua's forest
Camping in the tropical jungle of Tambrauw regency in West Papua
Some people from the nearby Jokte village helped us. There were two women who cooked for us and some men who carried our bags and caught shrimps in the rivers for our lunch and dinner. During the days, we walked in the jungle exploring the plants and the animals. I saw several species of colorful butterflies that were flying from one wild flower to another to collect nectar. I also saw a small beetle that looked like a plastic toy. When I checked on the internet for its name, I found out that its name was Eupholus schoenherri. 
After the fourth day of our rainforest tour, we walked out of the jungle and continued our trip to Sausapor town. In the afternoon, we went to the beach and enjoyed snorkeling over the coral reef. Sausapor was aJ small village in 1944 when American forces landed on its beach to fight the Imperial Japanese Forces during World War II. Now the sea in Sausapor is relatively calm for the coral reef to thrive again. The northern coast of West Papua has got plenty of surf spots too. Visitors who are interested in this sports should visit Sausapor in the months of October, November, January, February, and March.
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