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North East Raja Ampat Tour

Paket wisata di Papua
Yenandau beach of Raja Ampat
I often receive emails from visitors who want to go to Raja Ampat but do not want to visit places that are considered as more touristic. They want to see the islands that are outside of the main-stream marine tourism routes.
To cater for these requests, I offer a new route located in the north east of the archipelago. Its name is the jungle or Warebar river and a group of karst islets called Dolphins Lagoon.

Raja Ampat is a famous destination for marine lovers. Most visitors go to Mansuar, Kri, Gam, Arborek, Kabui bay and Pianemo.
North East of Raja Ampat
As a tourist guide, I want to promote the northeast region of Raja Ampat that is also beautiful. Visitors can go trekking through Warebar river to watch birds and other wild animals, or swim at the white sandy beach of Yenandau, and enjoy snorkeling over the coral reef of Mamiaef island and the sand banks of the sea.
The Dolphins Lagoon
I don't know why local people called it Dolphins' Lagoon. Perhaps, it was a feeding ground for Dolphins. But it really has got beautiful landscape (or seascape). In addition to swimming, and snorkeling, visitors can see beautiful scenery of Dolphins' blue lagoon and swim over its coral reef to see various colorful reef and a lot tropical fish that live in the tropical waters of Raja Ampat. Make sure that you bring a good camera for take pictures of underwater and above-water marine environment. Colorful parrotfish, surgeonfish, butterflyfish, and groupers thrive in the area. However, since we go there to watch marine animals in natural place, I cannot give 100 % guarantee that you will see dolphins.

Pemandangan sungai Warebar di Raja Ampat
Warebar river of Yenbekaki village
Typical Itinerary
Day 1
Arriving in Sorong city
Taking a rest in one of the hotels in the city
Buying food and other supplies in traditional market and supermarket.

Day 2
Leaving Sorong for North East region of Raja Ampat, we will pass by Urbinasopen village and its Imbikwan island and sea sandbanks. We will continue our trip to the north east where we will enter a big bay and land on the beach. We will take a rest in a villager's house after the long boat trip. After that we will explore the village (known as Yenbekaki) and swim at its beach. In the afternoon, we can go hiking in the hills behind the village.  At night, we can do night walk in search of turtles that land on the beach to lay eggs.

Day 3
This time we will explore the tropical rainforest of Waigeo island by going through Warebar river to see its wildlife. Cuscus possum, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Papuan hornbills and soa-soa lizard are some of the animals that live in the jungle. We could spend one night in tents in the jungle.

Day 4
We will leave the river to Yenandau beach. We will enjoy swimming and snorkeling over its coral reef. After that, we will continue our trip to Mamiaef island where we will swim over its coral reef. We will explore the coral reef in the sand bank areas, and walk along the beach of the mainland. Overnight stay in Mamiaef island.

Day 5
We will continue our trip to Yensner to see its blue lagoon. Crystal clear water of the lagoon is home to a lot of species of reef fish. We could walk up the slope of one of the islands in the lagoon to take beautiful pictures of the scenery.  We will spend one night in Yensner.

Day 6 
We will say good bye to Raja Ampat and leave the archipelago for Sorong city

Day 7
Transfer to airport

Participants: This tour is suitable for those who like nature (hiking in the jungle and watching wild animals as well as swimming and snorkeling over coral reef to see marine animals). I suggest that the number of participants should be at least 4 people to share the cost.

If you are interested, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by e-mail to: for more customized itinerary and cost calculation.

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