Sunday, June 21, 2020

Golden Myna from the Forest of Sorong Regency

Here are the pictures of Golden Myna (Mino anais) that I saw in the lowland forest of Klasow valley. It is located approximately 60 kilometers in the east of Sorong city. The best time to find this bird is between 16.00 up to 18.30 local time in the clearing areas that are made by local villagers for their vegetable garden and housings.
Golden Myna
Golden Myna in the forest of Klasow valley, Sorong regency - West Papua
Golden Myna
Three Golden Myna in the forest of Klasow valley
A couple of Golden Myna look very romantic while waiting for sunset because they often kiss each other.
As a tour guide, I offer birding trips to Klasow valley and other parts in West Papua for birdwatchers who want to see birds of New Guinea. A customized trip can be prepared upon request with places such as Klasow valley, Tambrauw mountains, Numfor island, Manokwari and Raja Ampat will become the vocal points of the trip. There are a lot of other birds which visitors can see during the birding tour, some of them include Lesser Birds of Paradise, Pink-spotted Fruit Dove or Frigate birds and Blyth's hornbill.
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