Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Figure Drawing of Two Children by the Sea

Here is a drawing of two children who were sitting at a wooden jetty trying to catch fish. I made it as a kind of practice to improve my skill on drawing human figure. First, I created a sketch using ordinary 2B Staedtler Graphite pencil to see the overall scenery and then I colored it using Derwent Watercolour Pencils. The vocal point of the drawing is the two female children. But I added two boat, ship, a mountain ridge and a lighthouse to create marine landscape and activity in the artwork.
Two little girls were fishing at a jetty, instead of catching fish, they got a worn out shoe
Catching "Fish"
I used a durable canson water color paper to make the drawing. So, I did not face any problems when I turned the color hatchings in my drawing into watercolor wash. The drawing sends message to the viewers that it our sea has been dirty for tens of years. The little girls were hoping that it was a big fish that they were pulling out of the water but what they got was a worn-out shoe.
Boats, and container-ship at the background are symbols of human existance at sea. This drawing should be considered as a call to everyone that we must not make our see as dumping ground. We have to keep our sea clean so that next time when these little girls go fishing again, they will be able to catch fish.

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