Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Figure Drawing of a Lady Enjoying Sunset

I have just completed a drawing of a lady who was sitting at the beach enjoying sunset. I created two different artworks. One that is made using watercolor pencils on paper and the other one that is drawn on tablet using a stylus and Autodesk Sketchup.
Although the subject is the same, the drawing process and the tools used are completely different.
Drawing on Paper
Drawing of a lady
Enjoying Sunset
For the classic media, the drawing technique is the same. First, I have to create a sketch of a lady who was sitting by the beach staring at sunset. I usually used ordinary 2B graphite pencil. When the proportions of the female figure have been checked and perfected, the next process is adding the background environment, and color. It takes one week to complete this work. Actually, it is not difficult to finish it.
In my every day life, I work as tourist guide. I often have to guide tourist for several days in the forest near my town to enjoy hiking, camping and birdwatching.
Drawing on Tablet
Digital drawing of a lady during sunset time at the beach
Staring at Sunset
I already mention above that I have created the same subject using Autodesk Sketchup. I do it to find out how easy or difficult it is to draw digitally. As a matter of fact, creating digital drawing is very easy. However, because the drawing environment is different, I have to familiarize myself with it. The smooth glass surface of Samsung Galaxy Tab A is not the same as the surface of drawing paper. I also need more time to know how to adjust the brush size, opacity of color and what layers are used for. Based on my personal experience, drawing with stylus and Autodesk Sketchbook will give us different result. I don't need to wait for the paper to dry like when I use watercolor to make my artworks. Although the result look better in digital drawing, I still feel that watercolour pencils, and paper are still my favorite choice.
But I will continue to use both drawing media to improve my skill in creating artworks.

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