Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Figure Drawing of Father and Son Playing Pancho

Life drawing is one of the most difficult subjects in visual art. I have practised it many times to improve my skills and speed in drawing human figure. But sometimes I cannot go out to find a good spot for sketching. So, I have to rely on my imagination in creating scene and in using available photographs for creating a totally new drawing.
Father and son playing pancho
Playing Panco
This was what I did with the drawing of a father and son playing panco. I used a small photograph and then created a basic sketch of Father and Son playing Panco. When I saw that the proportions of their bodies and hands were ok, using my imagination I began to add marine blue couch, blue window, thin pink curtain, windows and vogue lines of trees and green leaves behind the window. I did not draw the details of the boy's face because he was looking at his and his father hands. Perhaps he was trying hard to defeat his father. 
The drawing has been framed and is now hanging on the wall of my house. Now, I realized that I gave too much lines on the folds of their cloths. Next time, I have to be more moderate in drawing drapery so that the drawing/ painting will look more natural.

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