Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Face Portrait Drawing

Face sketch created using pencil on paper
Face Portrait Sketch
When drawing portrait, the  most important part is face.  Artist has to draw eyes in correct position and relation to nose and ears.  The mouth also has to be drawn with good hatchings so that the lips will look natural or more three dimensional.
Here is my old sketch of a female face whose eyes are closed.
Simple Lines of the Nose
I only draw the lower right part of the hair. The hair on top and on the left of the head is not drawn. It is a different approach or style in drawing human face. I also draw the nose with very limited lines. The lines that form the nostrils in the lower part and the hatchings of the upper left area of the nose are drawn close to the left eye and eye brow. These nose hatchings shows that they eyes  of the female model are located deep in the socket bones of the skull. Without these hatching lines, the 3-dimensional impression will not exist and the eyes will look flat.
Jaw and Cheek
Jaw and cheek bones determine the shape of the face. Because I do not draw left hair and ear of the female model, I have to compensate it by creating darker lines between the face and the hair. By doing that I have fully emphasized that the face in the drawing is of a female figure. People who study surface anatomy in figure drawing know the differences in the cheek and jaw bones between female and male figures.
Although this drawing is not complete, people can easily conclude that it is the face of a lady. Her darker lips are open and her teeth are visible. One of her fingers is on her mouth. This uncomplete face drawing looks sensual. 

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