Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Drawing Palm-up Hand

One day, I guided a Dutch girl, Aafke, on a hiking and birdwatching tour in Arfak mountains. We spent a few days watching Magnificent Birds of Paradise, Vogelkop Bowerbird and Western Parotia. We also visited a nearby village to talk to villagers. On the way back to main road, we saw a moth lying on the footpath. So, I picked up the moth and put it on her palm.
Drawing of Aafke's palm using charcoal on paper
Charcoal Drawing of Palm -up Hand
Here is the charcoal pencil drawing of Aafke's palm with the moth on it. I made the drawing as part of my figure drawing exercises to increase my understanding of the proportions of human hand and fingers. You could see that I made a lot of thin lines on the palm up hand to make it more natural. I also draw feet, and toes of female figures which readers can see in my other post.
The Wrist Watch Strap and the Moth
If we type such keywords as palm up hand sketch or drawings, we will see thousands of sketches or drawings that look similar. The addition of a moth and wrist watch strap in my drawing is my way of creating artwork that looks different and unique.
It is not only human figure that I draw. I draw butterflies, flowers, fish and birds. You could see them in my other blog wildlife-drawing.blogspot.com. I hope that you enjoy the artworks that I present in this and that blog.

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