Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Drawing of Female Swimmer

Drawing about marine life
Drawing of a Female Figure Swimming with Manta
Here is a drawing of a female swimmer who was free-diving at sea at a depth of approximately 10 meters to watch manta. In Raja Ampat islands, there is a site near Arborek island where visitors enjoy scuba diving, free diving or even snorkeling to see manta fish. I created the drawing or sketch using 2B Staedtler Graphite pencil. Later I re-draw this manta watching scene using Inkscape.

In the vector illustration, I repositioned the female free diver who was just wearing bikini, flippers, and snorkeling mask on the lower right area of the drawing so that I could describe that the swimmer was in deeper water with the mantas. This drawing is a typical scene that we will see when free divers go down to certain depths in the sea water to watch the giant fish.
Drawing with inspiration from the sea
Vector Illustration of Female Freediver and Manta
Manta fish in a group of two up to five or even ten often gather at this site at sea to have their bodies cleaned by small fish that live in the nearby rocks. Free divers and scuba divers who have seen these manta often say that is an unforgettable experience.
There is water current in the place where manta gathers to have their bodies cleaned. So, freedivers and snorkelers have to swim against the current in order to maintain their position with the giant fish. For safety reason, I always ask the boat to be closer with the visitors. If they are tired, they can swim to the boat.

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