Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Drawing of Clothed Female Figure

This is a sketch or drawing (in progress) of a clothed female figure in cross-legged sitting position. I haven't finished the work and also haven't decided what to draw at her background. I just want to show the process of how I make or create figure drawing from just a few lines of sketches to the finished artwork executed using watercolour pencils. I hope that it will be ready soon and I will present the completed drawing in the next paragraph of this blog post.
Figure drawing art
Drawing of a lady from a side view

update post 30 June 2017
The process of drawing this lady is quite long not because it is difficult but because I had to go into the jungle to guide a French tourist on a 4-day/ 3-night hiking, camping and birdwatching tour in lowland forest in northwest area of Manokwari. I returned to the city with a lot of ideas to draw but still this sketch was not finished yet.
So, after taking a rest for one day, I decided to complete the drawing. I made two drawings that look of this lady. One that is colored pencil artwork on paper and the other the digital drawing on tablet. For the new media, I used stylus, Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-pen and Autodesk Sketchbook as my tools.
Watercolor Pencil Works
Drawing of a lady created with Derwent watercolour pencils
Enjoying Sunset - watercolour pencils on paper
For the manual drawing, I just have to continue the above sketch by adding its surrounding environment which are the sandy beach, the sea, and the sky iluminated by sunset light. I made a lot of lines or hatchings with several different colors. I superimposed the yellow ones with several diferent red color to create the effect of fire or sunset light that brightens the sky. After that I apply wash all over the paper to cover all of the drawing surface with various colors that I think suitable to describes the clouds, ripples on the surface of the sea and the ground where the lady was sitting. The result is one the right of this paragraph. This drawing composition is looks similar to the digital one that I recreated below. Drawing with watercolor pencils takes longer time compared to drawing using a stylus and tablet.
Digital Drawing
Digital illustration of female figure created with Autodesk Sketchbook
Enjoying Sunset
I mention above that I use Autodesk Sketchup and Stylus to make the digital version of this lady. I have to redraw everything from the beginning again. Drawing on the surface of glass screen and drawing on paper look the same but actually are very different. The glass surface of my Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet is very smooth and slippery. I have to familiarize myself with this different environment. When I draw using colored pencils, I pick up various different pencils whose sharpness are different from one to another. Sometimes, I have to take a break to sharpen the colored pencils or wait for the paper to dry before I continue the work.
In digital drawing, I have to use the same stylus that is so little and lighter compared to watercolor pencils. The light from my tablet also is another challenge for me. But the most important thing in digital drawing is the basic skill of the artist and his or her knowledge about the drawing application. I need several months of drawing practices before I become more familiar with the application. Well here is the final result of the drawing. This was written by Charles Roring

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