Saturday, June 20, 2020

Drawing Feet

I return to the basics of figure drawing - practice, practice and more practice. This time parts of human body that attract my attention are feet. They are located at the lowest part of our body but they are quite difficult to draw. I have created several pencil drawing of feet on different positions or poses. The other parts of the body are not included because they are not my focus of attention now.
Drawing Human Feet
I also apply different pressure on the pencil strokes to create shades and hatchings so that the feet look more natural. I still make mistakes in drawing the toes particularly if some of them are slightly twisted. Our toes will not look normal if we use tight shoes every day. So, the shapes of our toes are determined by how frequent or how long we wear shoes.
I also make a small drawing of a lady at the bottom right corner of the sketch to compare the size of her feet and the length of her legs with the length of her arms and whole body.
This female figure is only an example of drawing exercise that I make to improve my understanding and skills in sketching human body. The proportions of legs have to be balanced with the sizes of head, arms, chest and stomach as well as hips.
Well, I will make more drawings of human figures beside drawings of flowers, birds, and other animals for this blog.

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