Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dolphins Jumping out of the Waves

As a tourist guide, I often travel by boat when I accompany my guests. We usually enjoy snorkeling in Raja Ampat, Numfor island or Mansinam island. Sometimes, during the trip, I and the tourists see dolphins when we are in the middle of the sea. They like to swim very close to the boat particularly when it moves at faster speed at sea. Dolphins like to jump beside and in front of the hull. It is a great attraction when watching these beautiful fish.
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Dolphins Jumping out of the Water
Dolphins Jumping out of the Water

Actually I made this drawing above long ago. I used charcoal pencil and drew the Dolphins Jumping out of the Waves on my Sketchbook. The sketch is still a black and white artwork. But I was thinking of enhancing its look by giving colors. Since the sketch was done on thin paper, adding colors using watercolor media may cause some damages on the paper. So, I decided to process the drawing in digital format. After taking picture of the sketch, I opened it in Adobe Photoshop where I added some dark and light blue on the waves. I also added more lines that depict the contour of the waves. Now the drawing looks better than the original black and white sketch.

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