Sunday, June 21, 2020

Digital Illustration of Rainforest Flower

I often go to the rainforest in West Papua to guide tourists for 3 to 5 days to watch birds and other wild animals. I also saw various species tropical rainforest flowers which I could not identify their species names. One of them is shown below.
Rainforest flower
I created the digital illustration of the flower using Freehand MX, a vector drawing software from Macromedia which is now in the hands of Adobe. Unfortunately, it not updated anymore.
I use Inkscape to create my vector illustration. It is powerful and free. But now I prefer to create digital artworks on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Sketchbook Pro as choice for drawing application.
You could by my artwork above in the form of silver plated necklace, teapot, keychain, t-shirt or mugs by clicking the following product links:

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