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Camping and Birding Tour in the Forest of Tambrauw Mountains

Camping with French tourists in Indonesia's west papua
French tourists were camping in rainforest
I organized a camping and birding tour from 15 to 17 August of 2016 for two tourists in the forest of Tambrauw mountains. They were Sophie and Sonia - two ladies from France. We went there by a 4WD car that brought us on a 4-hour ride from Sorong city to Sunai river and then back to Syuan river.
Traveling to Indonesia
Coastal region of Tambrauw
On the second day of our trip, we enjoyed snorkeling to see coral reef and tropical fish that made Tambrauw waters as their natural habitat. Some of the fish that we saw were parrotfish, damselfish, moorish idol, pipe fish, striped surgeonfish, fine-lined surgeon fish, lined bristletooth, black-tailed dascyllus, anemonefish, table coral, sea star and a lot of other marine creatures which I still could not identify by myself.
At night, we saw a huge colony of firefly that was gathering in a tree not far from our tents.
Hill forest in Tambrauw
Hill forest in Tambrauw regency
During the trip we were able to watch Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor), Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita),  Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus rotatus), eagles at a mountain ridge located in the east of Syuan river and at a forest clearing near Sunai river. We also saw crayfish in the river, wild flowers and various colorful butterflies.
Rainforest tour in West Papua
Hiking tour in rainforest
It was a wonderful experience for the French ladies.
We returned to Sorong city in the afternoon where we watched street carnival the next day. School students were wearing traditional clothing, dancing and playing drums. The carnival created long traffic jam in the streets. After a short tour in traditional market where we saw various kinds of vegetables, fruits, and other consumer goods, these French ladies returned to Swissbelhotel.
As a tour guide, I offer rainforest camping and birding tours in the jungle of Arfak range, Tambrauw mountains, Klasow valley of Sorong regency and Manokwari.
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