Monday, June 22, 2020

Blyth's Hornbill Birds - The Symbol of True Love

Every time I go trekking in the jungle in West Papua, I often see Blyth's Hornbill birds. They are large birds that make New Guinea island and a lot of other islands in the same region as their natural habitat. Blyth's hornbills are large birds, they usually eat fruits from ficus tree, and nutmeg. They will spread the seeds from these birds to all direction of the forest thus expanding the growth of rainforest. When they fly, they create flutter sounds that are created by their wings.
Blyth's Hornbill

A couple of Blyth's hornbills are considered as the Symbol of True love by some native Papuan tribes who live in the bird's head region of New Guinea. If one of them dies, the one that survives will fly or live forever alone. I create the digital illustration of these Blyth's hornbill birds using Inkscape. My objective is to promote the preservation of tropical rainforest environment to anybody who reads this article.
Now the above digital illustration is available in various kinds of products print on demand products of Redbubble such as t-shirt, tote bags, spiral notebooks, and mugs.
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Blyth's Hornbill

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