Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Nearly Empty Bottle of Chilli Sauce

Bottle of chilli sauce
Chilli Sauce
I visited a cafe in the downtown this afternoon. I did not have a cup of coffee though. I had a place of rice and a bowl of chicken soup locally called soto. It was delicious especially if it was added with some chilli sauce. Soto is famous in Indonesia. The chicken soup is cooked with turmeric. That's why the soup has got yellow colour.
The focus of my drawing that lunch time was not the soto but the chilli sauce. If you visit most of Indonesian eating houses, you will see a bottle or a small bowl of chilli sauce on every table. Indonesian people like chilli sauce.

When the worker of the cafe brought my soto chicken soup, he also brought a very small plate of freshly fried chilly sauce.
There was one bottle of chilli sauce on the table (it was nearly empty but was more than enough additional ingredients for 5 to 7 people's lunch). Still the waiter of the cafe gave me a small saucer of chilly sauce.
While my soto was being prepared in the kitchen of the cafe, I spent my time drawing the nearly empty bottle of the chilli sauce. Every body knows that it is hot. Well, there was the word "delicious" printed on it.
Well, the soto was getting colder.  Bon Appetit.

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