Saturday, May 30, 2020

Watching Vulturine Parrot

Birding in Tambrauw regency
Vulturine Parrot
I have just returned from Tambrauw mountains after spending nearly one week exploring the rainforest to watch birds and butterflies. I am happy because I saw several target birds such as Vulturine Parrot, Lesser Birds of Paradise and Magnificent Bird of Paradise. They were very beautiful. It was my first experience watching the Vulturine Parrot for quite long.
I saw three Pesquet's Parrot eating fig fruits for nearly two hours. It was a rare experience. IUCN put the bird into the status of Vulnerable because it is hunted by local tribes who need his red feather for their traditional costumes. Recently the population of the bird has decreased rapidly due to conversion of rainforest into other uses such as road, monoculture palm oil and cocoa plantation. 
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