Saturday, May 30, 2020

Pale Blue Monarch

I have just completed drawing a bird called Pale Blue Monarch. First, I created a sketch using ordinary graphite 2B pencil on a small piece of paper. I considered it as a kind of practice to study the shape of the body, wings, head, legs and claws of the bird. The Pale Blue Monarch is a bird that lives in lowland rainforest of Sulawesi. It is a beautiful bird.
I saw it when I was guiding Taiwanese tourists on a birdwatching trip to Dumoga Bone National Park and Tangkoko Nature Reserve in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He was hopping from one branch of a tree to another.
Pale Blue Monarch (Hypothimis puella)
Pale Blue Monarch from Sulawesi island

Birds play important role in maintaining and preserving rainforest. They disperse seeds from the fruits that they eat. They also work as pest controller. They eat flies, beetles, work, butterflies, spiders and other small insects. By eating insects, birds curb the exploition of insect population thus maintaining the balance of forest ecosystem.
After creating the sketch on paper, I photographed it and transferred it into my tablet. I used Samsung Tab A with S-pen. It was a great tablet. The drawing application that I used was Autodesk Sketchbook. Because I made this drawing in my leisure time, it took around 2 weeks for me to finish it. Actually, I could finish it in one or two days.
Now the higher resolution version of the above drawing is available in prints on various products such as mug, studio pouch, iPhone skin, t-shirt, draw-string bag and a lot more. Please, visit my Redbubble Shop to order the artwork: Pale Blue Monarch

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