Saturday, May 30, 2020

Old Wooden Harbor

Approximately in 2011, I guided a German girl who was traveling to Manokwari as a tourist. We visited islands, forest and some interesting places inside this small town. Pelabuhan Anggrem was one that we visited. It was a small wooden harbor for boats that transported goods and people along the coastal villages of Manokwari regency.
Wooden jetty in Anggrem area of Manokwari, West Papua
Anggrem Harbor in Manokwari city
The harbor was very basic. It was only made of wooden pillars and planks nailed together to provide a stable platform for people to get into and out of the boats or load and unload cargoes. I made a drawing of the harbor on a small sized paper. I used Derwent watercoloured pencils.
Several years later the whole landscape changed. The wooden structures have been replaced by concrete platforms. The harbor can serve bigger vessels now.
When I see my drawing again, I smile. My town that was slow, and little has now grown into a city that is growing larger and larger. The above drawing is now available on such print on demand products as mugs, t-shirt, dress, drawstring bag, and etc. at this link: Wooden Jetty.

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