Saturday, May 30, 2020

Moorish Idol

I have just uploaded a drawing to my Redbubble account. Its title is Moorish Idol - a species of tropical sea fish that can be seen in coral reef areas. It is now available in the various kinds of Print On Demand products such as women's t-shirt, leggings, iPhone case, and even clock. To make this drawing, first, I drew a sketch on my book using graphite 2B pencil. After that I redraw it again on my tablet using Autodesk  Sketchbook app. When it was ready, I uploaded the digital illustration into Redbubble website.
Moorish Idol a is tropical fish that lives in tropical waters especially in coral reef environment. The fish is believed as the Bringer of Happiness.
Moorish Idol

I saw the fish when I went snorkeling and freediving in coral reef area near my hometown Manokwari. It was swimming in the drop off part of the coral reef.
This beautiful fish looks similar to butterflyfish. Actually they are from different species. Moorish Idol and other tropical fish are often caught by fish hunters to be sold to aquarium owners. This practice often causes serious damage to the environment. The fish is omnivore. In most cases, Moorish Idol cannot survive in a small aquarium because of the lack of food.
We need to preserve this important marine habitat by stopping all activities that are harmful to the environment. We also must reduce the use of plastics.
Please, support this effort by clicking this Moorish Idol and buying one of the available products that you like.

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