Sunday, May 31, 2020

Frigatebird - The Symbol of Freedom

I haven't made any drawings for quite long. After traveling to Raja Ampat islands and coastal area of Tambrauw, I decided to make more drawings again.
This time I draw Frigatebird. This is a sea bird that I often see when I conduct tours around the tropical karst and open sea of West Papua. The bird is very big compared to other land birds. Its plumage is black but has got some white underparts especially on its chest, belly, and some parts of the wings.
Sometimes frigatebird flies alone but most frequently they fly in large group. Frigatebirds could fly to distant ocean without having to perch on a tree or a rocky island for taking a rest. This bird really symbolizes freedom.

The wingspan of this bird could reach more than 1.5 meters. They look like kites. They also do circle flying when they look for fish. Once they spot schooling fish on sea surface, they will dive to catch the fish and then quickly glide up again with the prey on their bills.
To watch frigatebirds, I go to the beach where I could see open sea and then wait for them. They usually appear in the mornings and in late afternoons soaring high in the sky.
Parrot tour in Tambrauw regency
Rainbow Lorikeet
I used to take pictures of the frigatebirds when I go to Tambrauw regency. The coastal area of Tambrauw is very beautiful and good for birdwatching, swimming, snorkeling and fishing.
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